Why Child Counselling Singapore Based Is Mandatory?

Why Child Counselling Singapore Based Is Mandatory?

We as adults prioritize our mental health and schedule our lives in a way that does not overwhelm us and leaves us with plenty of time to recreate and devote it to activities we like, in order to avoid the feeling of being burnt out and overwhelmed. We as adults are capable of recognising and processing the emotions we feel and acting accordingly. However, this same ability is not possessed by children. Young children have a lot going on for them and to top it all of not only are they unable to process their feelings, a majority of time they do not even fully understand what they are feeling. This is where a child counsellor also known as a child psychologist comes into play. child counselling singapore is even mandatory. These are professional medical experts who understand how children behave and the deeper meaning behind each behavior.

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Where are child counsellors the most needed?

A child counsellor is much like a child’s therapist but he or she is also more. A therapist mainly deals with the problem a  person is facing and a majority of times, the person knows the problem or has a vague idea. If not then patients who are adults, are able to describe their symptoms and their therapist is able to proceed from there. However the case is totally different for children. They are unable to describe their symptoms because they themselves do not know what they are feeling or how to describe them. If you were asked what’s the one place where child counsellors must be present then you would probably answer a school. This also makes sense given that there are so many students of different age groups present there. Children need to have their emotional needs and situation understood in order for them to function in a better way.

As adults it is our responsibility that we do our very best to understand children and their needs. Schools are considered to be a child’s second home which also makes sense since they spend the better part of an entire day there. They go through a plethora of emotions during each school day and doing so can be pretty mentally tolling on them. Earlier having a child counsellor present in school was something that was restricted only to the very elite and private schools. However, over time as people have progressed every single school has a child counsellor present to help children.


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