Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood: Best child healthcare for today’s little ones

Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood: Best child healthcare for today’s little ones

Children require special care to ensure that they have the greatest possible health. This permits kids to grow normally during their youth and adolescence. Children have demands and health concerns at each stage of their physical and mental development. A newborn is also more fragile and susceptible to some infections than a young kid or teenager. Because they are fragile beings, they are more prone to disease and health concerns. Bashir dawood great support has led to a lot of children’s lives changing.

When children are protected against sickness, they have a better chance of growing up to be healthy people and contributing to the creation of vibrant and productive communities.

Why are we in a state of having medical services?

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All children require medical services, whether for routine check-ups, acute health issues such as ear infections, or chronic diseases. Because health care is highly expensive, children’s access to care is heavily influenced by whether they have health insurance.

Unfortunately, far too many children are uninsured and hence do not receive necessary care. One alternative is to help eligible youngsters in enrolling in government programs such as Medicaid and SCHIP. As previously stated, these programs are available to nearly half of all uninsured children.

To attain this aim, the enrolment procedure for children must be streamlined, eligibility requirements clarified, and any negative stigma associated with public programs must be eradicated.

This learning and action network will help to establish and sustain a high-quality system of care in Florida that supports all children and youth with special health care needs, regardless of insurance status or geography. The Florida Department of Health funds this project.

Medical services that are appropriate for them:

Children have the right to prompt access to appropriate health services. This necessitates the construction of a health-protection system, including access to necessary medicines. The achievement of the right to health requires that each country will put in place health services that are available in every situation, accessible to all, of high quality, and satisfying.

Adults must also be made aware:

Prevention is critical to sustaining public health, particularly the health of children. Health education and vaccines help to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses. Vaccinations are effective because they are very cheap and protect children from the risk of death and disability caused by the most prevalent childhood diseases.


A healthy, robust kid gives birth to a healthy, strong adult. Health insurance for children allows for ongoing preventative care and health monitoring. Identifying and resolving possible problems as a kid grows helps them grow into healthier, more productive persons later in life.


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