Cloud400 iSeries servers for collaborative cloud-based applications

While cloud systems are common for small to medium businesses (SMBs), many larger enterprises have yet to make the move due to concerns about data security and management. The solution is to pair a cloud management solution with a robust system that is proven and tested. The IBM Cloud 400 iSeries servers can be integrated with the IBM Cloud Management Console which provides a simple and easy to use interface that gives users the ability to manage their cloud services in a secure environment. The IBM Cloud 400 iSeries servers are designed for high performance and can handle the most demanding workloads. The servers are also scalable and can be easily expanded to meet the needs of growing businesses.

The IBM Cloud system is built on existing infrastructure that can easily be expanded by the use of basic off-the-shelf components. These are typically all connected through the use of standard industry connections such as either 100BASE-TX (TK1) or 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet). Infrastructure provider networks, using various Fibre Channel, Ethernet or even Internet or Wide Area Network connections are all considered as part of the standard for Cloud Deployment, providing high availability, redundancy and scalability for applications.

IBM i cloud

The security between end-to-end connections is provided by a comprehensive validation scheme built in the management protocol and an IPsec data encryption service.

To add a new IBM i cloud server, the customers perform a simple “double-click” job from the HMC and choose to perform a new install, after downloading the necessary CMC client installer. After completing the installation and the reconfiguration tasks a new Cloud 400 server is ready to go into action. Simply add new service instances using the ctnccli command, specifying the interface and hostname as necessary and the auto-configure script will do the rest of the work.

Developers find it simple to debug, administer and administer debug programs with the IBM Base Node’s integrated connectivity with the Cloud Services Gateway (CGW). CGW provides administrators, users and developers a complete global infrastructure, unified communications and mobility and data center messaging services. The IBM Base Node includes both optical fiber port and Wi-Fi interconnects that can support the creation of a full infrastructure with hosts that feature expansion, location or redundancy.


The IBM Cloud 400 iSeries servers are a great choice for businesses that are looking to move to the cloud. The servers are scalable and can be easily expanded to meet the needs of growing businesses. The servers are also designed for high performance and can handle the most demanding workloads.

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Ways to Make the Pharmacy System Work For You

Pharmacy practice continues to change as we move into the second decade of the new century. While much of it is a positive change, it has also meant that pharmacy has become more complex than ever. You must have the right strategies to ensure that you have the best chance of succeeding in the profession. 


If you plan on working in the pharmacy, clinic, hospital, or managed care system, you need to understand the different strategies that you can use to help you succeed. You should not just go along with what’s expected of you, but you should also prepare for the future by looking for ways to make the system work for you. Here’s what you need to know about operating the pharmacy system.


Creating a successful pharmacy practice consists of understanding what you can and cannot do and being aware of the possible pitfalls that you could run into. Here are some tips that can help you to ensure that your pharmacy practice will be successful:


If you want to be in the hospital setting, it’s essential to make sure that you know what is required of you once you’re in the hospital or managed care system. You need to know your limitations, so talk with the doctor who oversees your patients. Always follow their directions and tell them how they can improve upon patient care once they leave the hospital or managed care system. It’s also essential that you work closely with a physician. You may need to make changes to your daily schedule once they leave. For example, if they ask for an exam every month when their appointment comes up, it may take three weeks for it to happen. If this happens more than three times in one year, this is not something you have control over, and it will affect patient satisfaction and loyalty. Get permission from the doctor to request an early release for those extra time-consuming exams and procedures if necessary, so that patient care remains on track.


If you want to work in pharmacy system solutions, you must understand how the system works. While there are a lot of similarities with other types of pharmacies, there are some key differences that you need to be aware of. Pharmacy practice is different from medical and hospital pharmacy practice, so take some time to learn how things work in your chosen setting. Being aware of this means that you can better prepare for the future and streamline your practice, which will benefit both patient care and your success as a pharmacist. Here are a few things to put on your list:

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Enterprise-Grade Mobile 4G Proxy Servers You Can Use from ProxyGuys

Clean and reliable mobile IPs are far and few in between. Many businesses are selling mobile proxy servers nowadays, but the experience is not as great as you thought it would be. Thankfully, ProxyGuys offer the best USA mobile 4G Proxy server. You will never get blocked from a website you’re trying to access ever again. Not only that, but you’ll experience fast speeds between 50-60 Mbps with a network uptime of 99.9%! With their 50 million unblocked 4G mobile IPs located in the USA, you can continue your work while using a mobile proxy with less hassle and worries.

ProxyGuys offer the best mobile proxies in the market today. They have more than 25 locations across the US, which means there’s competition when it comes to the same cell tower bandwidth. ProxyGuys even uses the best enterprise-grade dedicated 4G modems from Verizon, AT&T, and Wireless. These modems provide true and reliable mobile IPs with the fastest proxy speeds. Let’s find out more about ProxyGuys’ mobile proxies.

Providing True Virgin Mobile IPs

ProxyGuys ensures to provide you with “virgin” mobile IPs. There are over 50 million available IPs today, and you can use any of these mobile IPs. Rest assured that these have never been used before. With the 25+ locations spread across the United States, every proxy server has 50+ Mbps speed and connection to different unique IP ranges. These are also static mobile IPs, which allow you to keep an IP for as long as you need and want it. No irregular shifts or changes in IP changes will kill your accounts instantly.

 Proxy Security Systems

You get to pick when you want to choose another IP, which ProxyGuys will process in 5 seconds tops. Each of the proxy licenses can use up to 8,500 unique IPs daily as well. Because of that, you have the freedom to use the mobile IPs for your business or other important stuff, such as Affiliate marketing, Price Monitoring, Market Research, Sales Intelligence, Email Protection, and more!

Amazing Features by ProxyGuys

Upon getting the mobile IPs, you’ll experience amazing features that only ProxyGuys can provide. First, they offer 4G LTE dedicated Proxy or VPNs in 25 different states and cities, which means you won’t be experiencing any lags or bugs when using the IP because you won’t be competing with other IPs for one cellular tower bandwidth. The second amazing feature is the premium speeds, with an average of about 50 Mbps. Competitors can’t top this kind of speed! Not only that, but the speeds are stable and very reliable all-year long!

If you ever want to change your IP, you can do so within 5-10 seconds. No more waiting for days or weeks just to change it. Aside from that, you can keep your current mobile IP as long as you need it without fearing if it will kill your accounts. Lastly, their 24/7 live chat support team is there to help you out whenever you have issues. You can even catch them on Skype, Telegram, Discord, and Slack! There are many more features you will surely love only at ProxyGuys.

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Getting a Good Game Application Development Company

The gaming application is one of the main trends in the market. Several companies offer various services for the development of game applications. However, most people look for companies of this type without the necessary knowledge to choose the right company for them. Therefore, they hire the best companies to carry out their task. But don’t forget to hire an experienced game application development company to get your job done easily and affordably. Application providers use a variety of techniques to increase the popularity of their applications. Some of them offer prizes and a login bonus to app users. Advertising for the application will help increase the number of downloads.

Mobile game developers must continuously innovate.

Having a simple game idea and a game application with essential functions is no longer effective. To get the business you want, you need a unique game idea and a knowledgeable and innovative team of app developers. Increasing competition from outsourcing companies increasingly requires innovative solutions to develop applications at affordable prices. Applications are easily obtained, so the users are now becoming picky about gaming applications. They opt for less expensive and feature-rich apps. A game app company should provide a feature-rich app that uses less battery and takes up less space on your device.

Mature companies have experience with a variety of platforms and operating systems. The best way is to check their portfolio, what they did for their previous clients, and how they completed the task. The key considerations when choosing the best company for you.

Devotion to work

The company must have several projects at the same time. But what matters is that the development team is equally committed to all of your projects to get the job done. It will mean that the company’s development team is enough for your business to handle any potential issues and problems during the application development process.

magnet link for


The technology for developing game applications is constantly undergoing a series of changes over time. That is why the company must always be aware of new trends and cutting-edge platforms to delight gamers.


A good development company should have innovative ideas to enhance your gaming experience further. You can ask any of the ideas directly if they should improve the gameplay at app modo com.

Communication and professionalism

The company should be available for a quick response whenever they have any questions about the application and other problems during the development process until it is available in the market for users. They also need to keep in touch with clients professionally to meet deadlines.


It is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a game application company. Rest assured that the company offers reliable and first-class services at reasonable prices according to your requirements. Ensure that you push the application you want to develop.

In summary

Here are some simple tips for choosing the best game app development company, even if you don’t have much experience with game apps. So if you plan to develop your application, get ready to find the best company for you and start developing your application right now.

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Buying the Right Smartphone – Features You Must Consider

Selecting the right Smartphone is not very simple. There’re many different smartphones brands available in the market that finding the right one is a tough task. Every brand will attract you with the latest smartphone offers and feature that the phone has. So, to help you out, we have listed some top features that you must look in your smartphone. The high performance smartphones can guarantee you smooth functioning of your device. No matter whether you play 3D games or multi-task, your smartphone must handle it easily.

Build quality

It is an important feature that you need to consider when purchasing a smartphone. The smartphones body is made from plastic or metal. These days a few smartphones come with the glass-covered panels that weren’t popular before. Your smartphone durability highly depends on the build quality.


Performance of the smartphone highly depends on its processor. Thus, this comes on the top of your smartphone buying guide. In the same way, processor performance depends on the factors such as Operating System, bloatware, User Interface, and more. Choose the processor as per your necessity. The stronger processor such as Qualcomm Snapdragon is needed for editing photos & videos online and heavy games.

flagship smartphone

Huge display

If your employees have to interact with your customers, the display size of the phone they use will be very important for explaining the best aspects of the product and service. With the fuller display, your team will show elegant photos or diagrams or zoom in for the exact details within the image, or call up the tutorial video in the vibrant color.

Battery Life

You may have the fastest car in the world, but if it has no gas, it will not go anywhere! In the same way, poor battery defeats the primary purpose of having the flagship smartphone. The smartphone must last you at least one day of the moderate use. If buying the smartphone, ensure it has 2000 mAh battery & 15hours of the talk time. The smartphones with these specs must last one full day use.

Final words

With many different smartphones available in the market, it may appear a bit tricky to know which is the best one for your requirement. Looking at the storage and speed, display, battery, and flexibility, you will be able to identify which is the right phone that suits you. When you have picked the right smartphone, you are confident you have made the best technology investment.

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