Get to know why your teeth are yellow

Get to know why your teeth are yellow

Do you want to smile bright and spread confidence? If yes, it is time for you to address the yellow tooth with a dentist. Always pay a visit to the clinic of the best dentist for teeth whitening singapore for a complete cure. Today is the right time for you to know the reasons for the yellowness in the oral region. Let’s get started.

  • Genetics
  • Dentin
  • Wear and tear
  • Smoking
  • Foods and Drinks
  • Fluorosis
  • Grinding

Genetics: A few medical conditions are hereditary of which the colour of teeth is one. The natural hues like reddish yellow, reddish brown, grey, reddish grey are biologically transferred to the offspring if any of their parents have the condition.

Dentin: Your enamel consists of a material that could be deep yellow to brownish. The yellow stains that show up in the mirror could be due to the presence of a thin enamel that fails to completely cover the dentin. Also, bear in mind that sometimes stuck food particles create a yellow surface. This is why it is necessary to gargle and use toothpicks after having tough edible items like meat.

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Wear and tear: Every new item gets exposed to different conditions due to continuous usage. Similarly, the enamel will get affected by the acidic and other toxic consumables over time. This exposure causes the thinning of enamel and ultimately reveals the dark-coloured dentin.

Smoking: Have you been struggling to quit smoking? Well, if yes it is essential for you to know that Nicotine leaves yellowish or brownish marks on your teeth’ surface. Leave about bad breath, would you not want to smile wholeheartedly?

Foods and Drinks: Natural pigments containing edibles stain the tooth. Berries, curry spices, and pasta sauces are some of the enemies of your teeth. Consumption of coffee, tea, white wine, and red wine are known to create an unattractive look in the oral part of human beings.

Fluorosis: Any product with excess fluoride encourages the surface to develop yellow or brownish spots on the teeth. It is crucial to get the tests and treatment done instead of worrying about the concern.

Grinding: They say your habits decide your future and it holds true in the case of yellowing your tooth. The unconscious or conscious habit of grinding leads to cracking and darkening of teeth.


A hearty laugh is all we need to spread happiness. Why withhold such positive action because of dark colour teeth? Jump on to the internet and find the best dentist for teeth whitening Singapore to open up and smile.


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