Everything You Need To Know About IUI Procedure For Infertility Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About IUI Procedure For Infertility Treatment

Artificial insemination (IUI) can raise the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy for infertile couples. A medical technique called IUI aids in the treatment of infertility. To facilitate fertilization, sperm is inserted directly within the female uterus in this procedure. The amount of healthy sperm that enter the fallopian tubes can be increased in this method. IUI uses a lab process to separate healthy spermatozoa. At the moment of ovulation, when the egg is released from the ovary, these cleansed sperm are delivered directly into the uterus with the aid of a little tube. It is a less time-consuming process and it is also not painful.

The most popular method for treating infertility is IUI, which is also known as “artificial insemination.” It is a quicker and less expensive process than IVF. In this article, we will tell you all about the IUI procedure and also let you know about the best hospital for IUI Singapore.

Procedures for IUI

The procedure for IUI include the following steps-:

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  • You must schedule numerous follow-up appointments with the doctor, who may order blood work, an ultrasound, or prescribe medication, among other things.
  • If the medications are prescribed, you may take them when you are on your period.
  • You are called back to the clinic for an ultrasound and blood tests a week after starting the medication.
  • The doctor determines when you will ovulate based on the test results.
  • Male partners bring a sample of their sperm or donor sperm to the clinic on the day of IUI.
  • To prevent inflammation or any other issues in the uterus, the sperm are cleansed in the lab after being received.
  • After IUI, most women experience minimal or no pain. However, some women could encounter light vaginal or uterine cramps.

Who needs the IUI procedure?

  • Many people may require IUI, including:- Women with unexplained infertility
  • Semen anomalies and ejaculatory dysfunction in the male partner
  • PCOS or hypothalamic issues preventing ovulation in women
  • The male partner obtained frozen sperm before surgery, travel, or medical treatment.
  • Anyone who needs donor sperm, including heterosexual couples, LGBT couples, and single women who want to get pregnant.

There are various prerequisites, such as the female partner’s ability to ovulate and the male partner’s ability to generate healthy sperm.

Best IUI hospital in Singapore

The best hospital for iui singapore is the O&G specialist clinic. They also offer a wide range of additional services, including gynecology, infertility treatment, obstetric services, etc. The infertility treatment is handled by a professional group of skilled physicians. You can contact them by phone or email by visiting their official website.


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