Buying your First AR-15 vs Building One

Buying your First AR-15 vs Building One

Have you been bitten by the AR-15 bug yet? It’s easy to see why it’s America’s most popular sports rifle. It’s portable, simple to shoot, adaptable, and increasingly affordable. It’s been in production since 1959, and it served as the inspiration for the M-16 in 1963. It’s still a popular weapon around the world.

It’s also not rocket science to customize your AR-15. You can probably put together the parts for an AR-15. Some alterations will necessitate the use of a simple hand tool or two, but nothing that can’t be accomplished with a few minutes. As a result, many gun enthusiasts prefer to piece together their rifles piece by piece, selecting components that are appropriate to the type of weapon they want to fire. Here are the pointers to consider for building vs. buying an AR15.

Assembly of Your AR-15

 You will be able to design the rifle of your dreams. You’ll have a fine-tuned firing weapon that does precisely what you want it to do and doesn’t do anything you don’t. That kind of customization provides a great deal of satisfaction. You’ll spend a lot more money if you buy one out of the box and then spend all that money to improve all the parts you don’t like. However, if this is your first rifle and you haven’t shot a lot of them, you might not know what you’re looking for. Grip styles, handguards, sights, and triggers are all available.

Getting Your Very First AR-15

 You walk into a store, put your money down, get a background check, and go shooting the next day. Purchasing your first AR-15 will allow you to begin shooting much more quickly. If tinkering isn’t your thing, I’d recommend purchasing a rifle that is as near to your demands as feasible. You might not even know what you’re searching for if this is your first weapon. Starting with a basic off-the-shelf model allows you to figure out exactly what you want from your gun. It’s easier to figure out what you like and doesn’t like once you’ve been comfortable with the platform, so you can figure out what to buy for the second, third, fourth, and fifth AR-15s.

The big sporting rifle manufacturers will stand behind their products and repair them if something goes wrong. Even if you don’t have the feeling of pride that comes with doing something yourself, you’ll rarely have that peace of mind with something you made yourself.


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