Gift your loved one the beauty of flowers

Gift your loved one the beauty of flowers

Are you bored of using the old gifting wrapping material, cellophane, or plastic sheets? Do you want to try out some new, crafty and lively gift packaging materials? Then you have landed at just the right place. The next time you think of gift wrapping, think of a flower envelope box. These envelopes are a classy and beautiful way of gifting your young ones with the freshness of flowers. So do you want to gift your loved one a handwritten letter and a fresh, farm-picked flower envelope?

How are they different from average envelopes?

Presentation plays a vital role in organizing things. No matter how good our main product is, if it is not presented attractively and is not visually appealing, it may miss a few numbers on the scorecard. A flower envelope is a unique and easy-to-make idea when thinking of a gifting box. It neither takes much of your time nor materials and looks good when you present it. A standard envelope is just a piece of paper folded to contain the present inside.

How do you get one?

flower envelope box

We know that not everyone is interested in the hectic work of art and craft, but we know to solve your problem for this. Visit our online store and select from the most comprehensive range of beautiful and affordable flower envelopes to give your presentation a touch of elegance and beauty. Choose from the pink coral collection, the elegant rose collection, Diana collection, fancy collection, and blue Kenya rose collection, and gift your loved one’s a box of curated flower box as a token of love.

Give love to the loved

Our flower boxes are free from harmful pesticides and preservatives and organically grown. We ensure that the freshness should give you a long-time freshness but not on a chemical basis. Our flowers are handpicked naturally and stored in an environment control storage unit to preserve their freshness. We promise to deliver fresh and farm plucked flowers that have a storage life of a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4 days, depending on the flower variety.

Shop with us to avail benefits

Visit our online store and get benefits when you shop with us. Register for the gold card and enjoy same-day delivery to anywhere in the city above orders of $80.3. Give your loved one’s a box of sweet treats while you gift them flowers and indulge in our handmade chocolate bombs to make the moment unforgettable. Get instant discounts on our flower products.


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